Pathway for Juniors: Ages 4 – 16

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots


The journey begins with “Hot Shots”. Mini racquets, mini nets, low compression balls – making tennis easy for kids at any age.

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ANZ Hot Shots Sydney Tennis


Squad sizes are tailored to each age group – eg, kids at different ages will have either four, five or six players (max) per court/coach.


Racquets & equipment

We require each child enrolled for squads or lessons to have their own racquet. Our staff can advise you about this.


Please note: enrolment for any new term must be received by email no later than the final week of the preceding term (see below details regarding late enrolment). Eastcourts reserves the right to cancel any squad due to lack of numbers, or for any other reason.


Click each Squad for more details.


Koalas (ages 3½– 4½ beginner)
45mins squad – co-ordination & agility, stroke production. Max four kids per coach.
$265 per school term: Thurs 8.45am.
Teddy Bears (ages 4½-6 beginner)
45mins squad – tennis drills, rallying & basic serving.
Max four kids per coach.
$265 per school term: Wed, Thurs & Fri 3.30pm.
Pandas (ages 6-8 beginner/intermediate)
45mins squad – tennis drills, rallying & serving.
Max six kids per court.
$245 per school term: Mon-Fri 4.15pm.
Polar Bears (ages 8-12 intermediate)
60mins squad – tennis drills, serve/return & match-play.
Max six kids per court.
$285 per school term: Mon-Fri 5pm.
Grizzlies (ages 12-16 intermediate)
90mins squad – tennis drills, shot selection & match-play. Max five kids per court.
$385 per school term: Fri 6pm.
Match-play Development Squad (ages 12-16 intermediate)
90mins squad – supervised match-play. Max four kids per court.

$275 per school term: Mon 5pm.

Talent Development

Minimum requirements for all kids attending our talent development squads (parent enquiries welcome):

Red Ball

Squad (Thurs 4-5pm, $285) + weekly 30min private lesson

Orange Ball

Squad (Wed 4-5pm, $285) + match-play squad (Tues 4-5pm, $195) or 45min private (or shared private) lesson

Green Ball

Squad (Thurs 6-7.30pm or Fri 5-6.30pm, $395) + comp (Sunday ESTL singles league, $110) or a 60min private match-play practice lesson

Yellow Ball

Intermediate squad (Tues & Thurs 6-7.30pm, $395) + comp or 60min private (or shared private) lesson.

Advanced players (ages 12-17)

Squad (Wed 5-7pm, $495) + 60-90min private lesson

Junior Squads: 2020 Term 1
Monday 3 February - Sunday 12 April (10 weeks)

  • Enrolment Information

    In the event of two (or more) washouts of a squad in one term due to rain, students receive a credit for one free day of tennis camp, to be used in the following school holidays – this credit is transferable to a friend or sibling. Please note: for any term that includes a Public Holiday (typically a Monday), kids enrolled for squads on that day will receive a tennis camp credit if they have one rain washout.

  • Late Enrolments

    Children are welcome to join our squads anytime that there’s space available; however, as courts & coaches are allocated from Week One of term, there is a small loading payable for enrolments after Week One. For Weeks Two to Five, a loading of 10% applies; for Weeks 6-10 a 15% loading is added. (eg, if the 10-week term fee for your squad is $275, enrolling in Week Six will cost 5 x $27.50 + 15%).

  • Junior Squads Policies

    PLEASE READ our Junior Squads POLICIES

    Junior Squad POLICIES